Thursday, October 1, 2015

What is it...?

Yesterday was a rough day for me.  Apparently...
I had an emotional day.  I ugly-cried on the way to pick up Penny.  Ug-ly.
Luckily, G was there to listen and just let me get it out.  Which I needed to do.  Apparently...

I am trying to put my faith in God and His timing.  He has a plan that is beyond our knowledge and I must remember that and not get overwhelmed by the day-to-day.

Yesterday's prayer requests included:
- A friend's baby granddaughter who is in a precarious situation at home right now and just needs love and care.  And that friends daughter... that she may come to her senses and do what's best for the baby.
- A friend who was in the hospital yesterday with a ruptured cyst who was told that she needs to get checked for ovarian cancer.  She is just slightly younger than me and her son just turned one on Tuesday.  I cannot imagine how terrified she must be, but I pray that she finds strength and trust in God and feels the love that we have for her.
- Guidance for myself and my little family.  An opportunity has presented itself for me and I am going to take a chance on it as a way of putting my faith in God.  This could be meant to be.

If you were following me on instagram, twitter and Facebook, you may have gotten a feel for my angst in certain channels.  I definitely posted on twitter.  I was more vague on instagram, and even less so on facebook.  It's interesting how I am using these outlets and what all I am able to share with these different factions.

Above all, I am finding myself constantly going back to this statement:
"Everything to the glory and praise of His name."
And making sure that everything I do is lining up with what God intends for me to do.

Today, I am in a much better space!
My hair is a mess, but I am wearing this cute little flouncy top with bell sleeves and waist.  And it's a beautiful dark green.  It feels so fall!
And it's October now, so it is more than appropriate... even if I am still wearing my sandals.  :)

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