Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Font and Opinions

Some time last year, I ran across this font called Kingsthings Slipperylip and I immediately fell in love with it.  It was quirky, full of character and just plain pretty.  It would make a lovely statement piece in a child's room - hello ABC's printed in the font and framed on a wall.  But realistically speaking, it's not super usable beyond that.  And so, I begin to question my claiming that it is my favorite font.  And then I begin to consider what my favorite font would be.  And then I bring serif and sans-serif into the mix... and I have to stop.  As in everything life, all fonts have their place, I suppose, and therefore each serve their own purpose.  I can appreciate that quality and move on to say that I can ::enjoy:: each one of them.  It's hard to choose a favorite though...


I wish I was less cryptic when I was younger.  I was re-reading my old blog the other day and it was so vague that it was humorous.  I wrote like I had an audience, which I didnt.  And I addressed my blog readers as if they were my closest confidant who knew all of my inner-most secrets.  Oh my.  And I would bring up things that have no relevance these days and just leave me scratching my head.  I even talk about meeting up with this guy in New York, which after some serious remembering, must be talking about this guy named Skylar that I talked to for a bit.  But who knows.  That's not even the worst of it.  Lol.
One time, I was told that I was cryptic by R.  And boy did that stick around.  And yes, I definitely was but, in my defense, so was he.  My away - messages were full of song lyrics that could be taken one way or another, but that's the way I rolled then.  I've calmed down a bit since.  But then again, I have no need to play those games anymore.  

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