Monday, September 21, 2015


I'm finding it hard to focus this morning.
I am in the midst of a book series that has completely taken over my want to do anything except for sit still and finish the story.  Over the weekend, I managed to get through the first two books, and when I finished the 2nd last night, I continued on with the 3rd until my Kindle died.  It left me wanting more.  But sleep beckoned, and with work today, and then family time later, it'll be hours until I am able to get back into it.  Such a problem to have, am I right?  I love it when authors are able to grab me and, essentially, have their way with me until I am forced to reckon with their decisions and live with the consequences that they have created.

So yes, focus is not coming easily this morning.  

On a different note, today is International World Peace Day!  The email that I subscribe to informed me so and came with a bevy of links including how to interject peace into your day, your pictures, and to share it with others... including crafts!  Oh how crafts provide such a lovely distraction.

I whipped up this little diddy, snapped a pic, and shared it with the social world.  I have thoughts of going home and "planting" it in my flowerbed of dying succulents in the kitchen.  Maybe they will find peace.  (Side note... who knew succulents were so hard to keep alive?  I thought they were supposed to be friendly?!?)

By the way, the first in the book series is "Hidden Sins" by Karice Bolton, second is "Buried Sins" and third is "Redemption".  They are the Luke Flethcer books.  And they are wonderful.  I tweeted the author and said that these books were making me as giddy as when I read 50 Shades.  She thanked me for saying something so nice.  :)


Pinwheels for Peace:


Monday Morning Music Video (A weekly series that I do)
Just One Day - Mighty Oaks.
Look it up.  Or find the link on my twitter page.


I am staring at a man across the way who seems lost.  He walked to the end of the driveway, took a deep breath, another puff of his smoke, and seemed to gaze out into nothingness.  I wonder what's going on in his world today.  May he find peace.

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