Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Some people are blessed.  They have good lives, ooze goodness and just seem plain-ole content and happy.  Others seem less so.  Life is a struggle, and even if they appear to have it all together, something is off or holding them back.  This past Sunday, I feel like we were given the answer as to why this is.  Aside from having faith and being part of a fellowship of believers, blessings come from God and putting your complete trust in Him; in particular, blessings come from tithing.  Plain and simple.  If you put your trust in God and give back to the church, then you will receive blessings.

I am so happy that we found a church we like!  The pastor is amazing!  The kids program is great and the importance of fellowship is stressed at every corner.  Rob, our pastor, talked about tithing last week.  And it wasn't about asking for money.  It's about helping the church reach others.  And in doing so, you will be blessed (in various fashions). 

This is something that we are striving towards.

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