Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, FTW

Last week, I was declaring that Wednesday's would not get the best of me (or something like that...). Today, I'm ready to put this Wednesday to bed.

The day was good, but this afternoon was a bit stressful and now, as I am laying in bed next to a sleeping babe, reading about Peter and Gabby, I feel like I'm in the weird state of mood. I'm not depressed (eventhough I feel like I should be even the slightest bit), but rather energized... but that may be a result from my weirdness. #justsayin

For example, tonight when I was removing my makeup and the day-old mascara was smearing across my cheeks as I wiped it with tissue, I couldn't help but remind myself that I looked like the adult stuck in a child's body who starred in the horror movie "The Orphan". You know the part towards the end where she goes crazy and starts smearing her mascara and removing her teeth? Yea, well that was me tonight without the whole goin-crazy, missing teeth, and black hair in pigtails part. Just the mascara.

And earlier, I snapped a picture of a pot of bubbles that I had on the stove. I was boiling bottle nipples, plastic rings and pacis and since I added a dab of soap to the water, it bubbled up, quite spectacularly, and I snapped a picture and notioned it to my making of a witches brew.  You know, double double toil and trouble and all the like.  But alas, I was just cleaning.

Weird, yes.
Go home Wednesday.

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