Monday, October 12, 2015

A Night in the Catacombs

"They descended into the depths and took in the surroundings that would keep them company for the night. Millions of eye sockets stared back and offered no solace for what would the most memorable, and most sleepless, night of their life. But would it be the tales of lives-past whispered to them as their minds drifted to dreams of other worlds? Would it be the sound of pure silence and solitude mixed with the feeling that they are, perhaps, in more company than ever? Only Hallows’ Eve would tell."

I just entered a Airbnb contest to win a night's stay in Paris' catacombs on Halloween..

Cheers to hoping that this is the winning entry! ;)
We have our passports and are ready to go... we think.  How intense would this be?

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