Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yahoo Farms, Jasper

Today, we took our annual jaunt to the mountains to visit a patch of pumpkins.  We stumbled across Yahoo Farms last year on the way home from Blue Ridge, and we loved it so much that we came back this year!  We will easily be adding it to our list of must-do annual events!  Who doesn't love a pumpkin patch?  Especially when there are other events to behold including a hayride, corn maze, pumpkin hunt and etc... :)

Price list.  Gobs of fun for reasonable prices.  

A real life pumpkin patch!  So cool!
Loads of larger-than-life pumpkins for taking pictures of and for chasing toddlers around.  Ha!
This is probably my favorite picture from the whole day.  She was a HUGE fan of the gourds and carried this one around for a good 20 minutes.  #onegourdtorulethemall
Penny "winning".  Plain and simple.

They had this little "pumpkin hunt" event for all of the kids under 8.  They basically put a whole bunch of tiny pumpkins in a field and when they say "go", all the kids all let loose to run free and "find" one special pumpkin to take home.  By the end of it, Penny had four in her hands and was giving away two to another little girl in the group.  Yay for sharing.  Not so yay for our counting skills... just yet.  Twas so cute though!

Penny got to meet Milo!  They played together for a quick minute on the little playground and Penny also watched Milo take his first trip on a pony ride.  He is so cute!

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