Friday, November 18, 2011

Snippet of the Voyage (1)

I have a lot to say but not a lot of time to say it because I, sadly, walked out the door without my power cord, and my battery is down to one click.  So, here's the abbreviated version...

Cracker Barrel for breakfast.
Found spider in my PURSE, and haven't been able to locate said spider since (after giving to father-in-law to find and get rid of), so everyhting has been taken out of purse, is resting on the other bed, and will be put into fresh new purse that will not hold spiders.
Discovered that my ipod was a necessity to my sanity for the trip down!
Great weather so far - should be a beautiful weekend.
Met lots of new family persons... with many more to meet tomorrow.  It's a whole new bunch of people, and personalities. 
Boys are playing video games (on our trip to FL, yes) in the next room.  I'm taking in the serenity of the quiet, getting this done, and setting myself to read.

It's been a good and long day!  I'm super excited about the party tomorrow night and the day tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Love to all!  :)

Listening to music and staring out the window.  :)

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