Monday, November 28, 2011


Picture taken looking down into the paper tray/ holder sitting on the desk.  Isn't it lined nicely?  :)  So far, it's doing a nice job corralling all of the random extras littering the desk.  A year from now, or a few months perhaps, it will be time to go through the tray and discard everything that is no longer relevant, and put everything that still is relevant, back in the tray.  Or maybe it'll get moved to the hanging files, or better yet, to a box.  Wherever it goes, it served it purpose!


We have a chance of seeing some "wintery mix" action in the next 24 hours or so.  Tres exciting!  Tomorrow I am getting an oil change - I had to make an appointment for it - and I told the guy that I know that they were going to say that I need new tires (which I do), so he gave me some specs and figures to contemplate.  It's pretty exciting to think that I could put some great tires on Black Betty that would last 80,000 miles.  I told Gary that that was through the rest of my car's life... lol... He scoffed and said that we are keeping it till 250,000 and that He would be the first one to get a new car.  Hmpphhh.

Anyways, Gary is still under the weather, so we are going to hunker down, get in bed, read, and drift off to an early sleep.  Looking forward to it!  I hope you all sleep well too! 

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