Saturday, November 12, 2011

the best laid plans...

I need to have more days like today...  I had a wild hair and actually went into the closet and started going through stuff and unpacked a few more boxes.  I've decided that I need a color scheme for the bedroom, and since our comforter is a mixed pattern with black, whites, and greys, I was originally thinking of adding yellow accents, but now I am thinking about adding a dark teal aspect to it all.  Like I want to paint the wall behind the bed the dark teal, put a lighter teal blanket at the foot of the bed, throw on some yellow pillows, and have some yellow accents.  Could be nice!  So we'll see.  But in my downtime, I also found some really good blogs with some really good organizing tips... and there's something about the idea of getting organized that makes me really happy.  So, I'm still really excited about the prospect of getting organized.  lol.  But first, I think I want to declutter.  Gary and I are going down to Palm Coast next weekend, and I would love for my sister to be able to stay in a nice, de-cluttered room while here.  I picture a welcome basket filled with rolled towels, scented candles, bath bombs, treats, and other goodies.  A good plan, that for sure, but we'll see if it happens.  The best laid plans (of mice and men) oft go awry.  Not exactly sure if that fits here, but for some reason, it's popping up in my mind tonight.  I guess it could apply to my desire to get organized, or finish the laundry, or prepare the welcome basket....  but perhaps I will make it happen!

I've had a  really good day though - I appreciate being productive!  And like I said, I could use more days like today.  It would be super if I could wake up tomorrow with as much determination to get it all done!  And with that, I leave for the evening.

I bid you all 'adieu'.
Best wishes for a restful evening!

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