Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rain, Storms & Bokeh

Reflections of headlights through individual raindrops

Today it will rain.  Storm even.  The afternoon sky will be littered with clouds showcasing the truest range of the prettiest blues, and at some point, the sky will open and drops of condensed sky will fall amidst rolls of thunder and flashes of light.  Yes, today it will storm.  

I am so thankful for this rain.  I think I would do well to live in a place like the Pacific Northwest... but that's beside the point and may be a good topic for a later blog.  Summer storms are one of my most favorite things ever.  You simply cannot beat the energy that they bring, or the sense of cleansing, or the prettiest shades of blue.  I hope that Penny grows up loving them as much as I do.  They are so good for the soul!

If this blog would've found me last night, it would have been completely different.  I was not in a good space.  I was moody, missing my husband, listening to all of the wrong songs and spending too much time in the wrong book.  I was dreaming up the past and worrying over opportunities missed and not participating in the present moment.  I tend to do that though.  I am often time way-too-introspective for my own good, but that also makes me "me", so who am I to complain?

The sun coming in through the window across the hall.
At any rate, this morning was better.  Even though we didn't sleep good (I think Penny is going through a growth spurt), sleep still came and so did dreams.  And I love my dreams.  The ground was still wet and there were raindrops on the windows that reflected headlights of passing cars into some of the most fantastical bokehs (love!) ever, and then the sun was shining.  With a fervor that was not to be missed.  Yes, today is better.  And it is going to storm.  And we now know what I feel about storms.

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