Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bathroom Bottles

This is what we wake up for these days.  It's 7am on a Saturday and Penny has been rearranging a bottle of aloe and hair gel all over the bathroom... for the last 20 minutes
Open the cabinet.
Grab a bottle.
Take it to the toilet.
Go grab the other bottle.
Put it on the bathtub.
Take the other one and put it in the other cabinet.
Go get the other and give it to mommy.
Gather both back.
Stumble back to the cabinet.
Deposit into cabinet.
Shut door.
Repeat process.
She is so content in the mundane and is such a joy.  Even if we do wake up before 7 every. single. day. 
Happy Saturday!  :)


ynicol said...

Such a wonderful time in your life! I'm happy that you are savoring every moment. You'll never be at this exact moment again. And your daughter will have some wonderful record of her life and how much her mom and dad loved her!

perfancynancy said...

So sweet! Every day is different but truly a blessing!