Friday, August 28, 2015

Ulay, Oh; Against All Odds

Today, whilst in the midst of social media-ing, I stumbled upon a video of ex-lovers meeting for the first time in 30 years at an art installation.  The artist, Marina Abramovic, held an art performance at the Museum of Modern Art where she would sit across from strangers, staring in silence one-on-one.  The video goes through a few, but then something amazing happens... her old boyfriend (that she hadn't seen in 30 years) was suddenly seated across from her.  The emotions that followed were enough to rock anyone's world.  Marina obviously did not know he was going to be there - the surprise in her eyes says it all -and the people observing the art installation were all overcome by their reactions.  You can watch the clip here.  Be prepared for all the feels.

I watched this once this morning and once just now, but it has been with me all day.  I don't think it will ever leave me actually.  Their emotions are so true, so heartbreaking, and so full of love.  It makes me want to know more of the story.  I would love to hear what happened after he got up and left.  I can't imagine that they were just going to slip back out of each other's lives... slowly ghosting away.  Or at least I hope not.  I hope they found each other again, and that it was more than just a physical finding.

I almost can't handle the urgency.  And I know that I can't even begin to explain the emotions.  But I love this type of stuff.  It feeds me.  I find it in music.  I find it in books.  I find it in movies.  But this is so much more real.  And so beautiful.

On the way home from work, I was trying to think of something that I could compare it to.  Of course, there are the Mr.Darcy's and the Love, Acually's of the world... but the little piece of my mental history that I can equate to having maybe that much urgency, if only to be accompanied by a different emotion, is from the movie "Against All Odds".  We rented it one night and proceeded to watch it.  I remember it was long, and from the 80s, so it left a little something to be desired, but I tell ya... at the very end, when Jeff Bridges is staring into Rachel Ward's eyes from across the room, there is so much emotion that you can hardly deal.  Not to mention, the Phil Collins song (also titled "Against All Odds" (you can watch the music video featuring clips from the movie here)) playing in the background.  I just can't.

"How can you just walk away from me, when all I can do is watch you leave..."

Yea, I pretty sure that that song can be precisely applied to the situation between the artist and her ex-lover, but maybe I'm just projecting.  I doubt it though.

Anyways, further delves into my past led me to my old moleskine journals.  I am currently working on my third.  The first was completed during my semester of Design & Painting I at GSU.  It was the second semester of my freshmen year (Spring 2004), I am was ripe with emotion.  I was dating, and not-dating.  I had my first-ever kiss that February.  I was developing awesome friendships.  I was experiencing college life, and I was feeling a bit angsty.  At one point, I even died my hair black.  It only lasted a day, but it happened.  I was seeing what love felt like, and by the end of this semester, I was convinced that I was in love with my art professor.  That's not too hard to fathom though.  He would wear blazers with blue jeans and chucks, and he played Postal Service during class.  Call me smitten.  lol.  I would put a lot of emotion into my art and found a lot of release in music and writing.  I still do today actually.

These are just a few of my favorites.
Every now and then I'll post some of my more current work on my Instagram account:  @perfancynancy.  Check it out!

two-faced; 2004
a spirit, 2004
bottom: poetry, 2004
top: Oregon itenerary, spirits, 2007
"Ulay, Oh" by How I Became the Bomb.  All the feels.

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