Monday, August 18, 2014

Slow it down...

A few days ago, I was searching for a picture that I had taken on Easter morning a few years ago.  I was reminded of it because I had just photo-documented a bunch of cobwebs on our storage unit's lock.  The cobwebs reminded me of a spiderweb, and of that one picture from Easter where there was a spiderweb cloaked in dew in a field lit by a sunrise only God could design.  It was one of those moments that I felt destined to experience.  It was beautiful!  Anyways, I was called to find that picture and so went on a journey through years of blog posts until I found it.  It was right in the midst of my first Project365 (2011), and the one thing that I noticed was that my obligatory random blog posts were actually kind of interesting to read again.  I loved seeing the pictures and reading through my memoirs and I can even remember the moments, the emotions, and the circumstances.  It made me really miss blogging.  And so...
This morning my alarms didn't go off.  Goodness knows I was up feeding Penny mere minutes before they were due to, but in a last ditch effort to close my eyes as long as possible, I entrusted then yo wake us up on time, get us out the door, and onward with our Monday. Like stat.  When I leisurely woke up and noted that it was 6:04am, I startled a little, calmly told Gary that we needed to get out if bed (where were his alarms also??), and then began frantically trying to get ready for the day.  We managed, albeit a few minutes past our normal schedule, but the day was off to a start.  I was ignoring the fact that this wasn't a good sign for a Monday morning.
Once at work, there wasn't a moment to slow down.  The day flew by and was full of checking-off-lists and getting-things-done.  It was productive, but hectic.  By the time 3:30 rolled around, I was ready to sit in traffic.  For serious.  I was ready to crawl at a snail's pace up 75 and listen to country music.  But reality set in, and there wasn't anything good on any of my 10 radio pre-sets and traffic was light and breezy, serendipitously so.  The saving grace was a song that I had running through my head that my Pandora radio station had serenaded me with earlier today.  "Slow It Down" by The Lumineers.  It was such a necessary song for the moment. 
By the time we got to Penny, I was feeling a little more alive... I was even flirting with my husband on our way inside.  Penny greeted us with a smile and a great daily report.  She pooped today (and it didn't get all over her outfit)!  And that deserves a serious woohoo because we didn't "go" all weekend.  Lol.  So that was exciting.  And we found out that 2 new babies will be joining her class in the morning, which deserves another woohoo because she has been the only one in her class for about 2 weeks now.  One is a 6 week old baby girl and the other is a 4 month old baby boy... boyfriend material for little Miss, daddy says!  Ha!  I can't wait to meet them! 
And here I sit now.  Feeding Penny and watching the day wind down.  That song is still running through my mind, and the list of things to get done is as big as the pile of laundry to my right, but we are home and happy and good.
"Slow it down, Angie come back to bed
Rest your arms, and rest your legs
Don’t you frown when you’re feelin like that
Only love can dig you out of this"

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