Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tis the season...

We had a rather Christmas-y day today! 

- Went over the lists with the hubby.  We're trying to take stock of what else we need, what all we have, and what else needs to be done.
- Wrapped the first two Christmas presents of the season!  Always an accomplishment...  lol 

- Got our Christmas-Spirit ::on:: at Johns Creek Baptist.  They had their annual Christmas musical this weekend, and we had the pleasure of going and watching.  It is truly magical, and always a fun event!

- Afterwards, we went to Taco Mac with the whole crew and had a great time talking, laughing, and pigging out on some good grub!  It was great to see the fam and spend some time with them!
- And now, we are watching "Extreme Christmas Trees" on TLC.  It's really interesting... one guy hung a 30 ft. Christmas tree up-side-down in their 2 story house.  He literally cut holes in the ceiling and floors, and stuck bits of the tree on each floor and even out the roof.  Very interesting!  Looked neat!

Oh, and the word of the day today is "snazzy".
Hope you had a lovely Saturday!

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