Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silly Pumpkins...

Today we had a "Fall" day.  We made a big pot of brunswick stew, made two kinds of cornbread (the sweet kind and the ::real:: kind), sipped on fruity Italian sodas, and carved pumpkins!  It was super, and the weather was perfect!!  Sunny with a high in the 50s... mmmm... fall goodness!  And we had such a good time!  The food was muy bueno, and we had so much fun carving pumpkins, and then had a photoshoot.  We went crazy of course...  ;)  Before long, the pumpkins became makeshift baby bumps, and the three girls all looked 8 months pregnant.  lol. 

I'm looking forward to the time when we all really are pregos.
But for now, we are making memories and laughing a lot along the way!


Kaitlin said...

I think the most believable ones are the ones facing straight one, aka the confused look ones, heart hands and me looking away! HAHAHA

Crosby Kenyon said...

I don't know, haven't we all known people who call their kids pumpkin?