Saturday, October 1, 2011

Part 4

All he could think about was that night.  He had seen her from across the room at the wedding that night... his friend, her cousin, their meeting had been happenstance, and brief.  But that's where it had began.  It was their small conversation that had led to the name dropping and the attraction.  And it was after he left that night, that he went home and did a little research.  That's when everything had been verified...  the story, the location of the items, and the plan.

Now that he was in the attic, all he had to do was get them out.  He packed them all in the bag, creaked the door open, and stepped out - sure that no one was around.

In a flash, he was out the door, in his car, and heading back towards his home.
She would wake up and never know what happened.
He would make the meeting, and finish the story.
Everything would be good.


October 1, 2011.
It was great!  It was one of those days where I feel I've been gone for days... We've been all over the place, but it's been good!  And what makes it even better is that the weather has turned chilly - it must've gotten the go-ahead to turn cold since it's officially October.  :)  It's making me re-think my outfit for the wedding.  I want to wear tights, and a sweater, and a scarf.  lol.  It was cold tonight by the time we were leaving the rehearsal, and since tomorrow is going to be slightly more chilly apparently, we must plan accordingly.  Also, the Atlanta Greek Festival is going on, so that might be interesting.  It's turning out to be an interesting weekend, and it's only half over. 
Hope yall are all having a nice weekend!

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