Friday, October 28, 2011

Kevin Bacon

The letter Z, or kitchen rugs?

Today was good!
Yesterday I made a Halloween costume for Gary... they were dressing up today for his work, instead of Monday, and he had a wish to be a piece of bacon.
Yup, a piece of bacon (it's a mild obsession...  lol)
And so I was off to work!  It was made out of maroon, light pink, and cream fleece in various wavies, sew together, pieced to a back maroon piece, given a spot for the head and arms, and voila, a piece of bacon costume!  What made it even better though was when we had the idea to add a nametag saying "Hello.  My name is Kevin".
Kevin Bacon!  I thought it was pretty clever, if I do say so myself...  :)

But anywho, today I was in more of a crafting mood, so I set off to finish my Halloween costume.  It's not super complicated, but there were a few alterations and accoutrements that needed to happen, and I got them done!  So proud!  I like it, and I'm excited to wear it on Monday!  But Monday is just the beginning!  We're having "Spirit Week" at work next week, and I basically need a costume for 3 days.  Monday is done!  Tuesday (Zombie Day) is still up in the air.  I have a piece of fabric and a makeup idea, and I figure that I can wing it with big, crazy hair, and throw it all together, especially with shades of gray, black, and white, and that it will be zombie-ish enough to pass off fine!  And then Thursday is Tacky Day... I've totally got this down.  Some days, I dress tacky enough as is (I tend to make up color combinations and tell myself that they work together...) so I figure I'll just kick it up a notch.  :p  I'm looking forward to it though!  It's super fun!

Tomorrow I want to watch movies (preferably of the spooky in nature), and work on more projects, being that there are a few that I need to work on.  I must I must I must!  So, here's to hoping that tomorrow is productive as well!

Happy Halloween Weekend!  :)

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