Tuesday, April 29, 2008

People say I'm a Dreamer...

So I had another interesting dream last night that involved (almost) kissing another guy. It's not so much that I almost kiss another guy as much as the excuses that I find not to that makes it interesting. lol. But anyways...

I was on some sort of trip with Laura, some friends, and this guy (who vaguely resembled this gy I used to know). For some readon, I was sitting on the ground and the guy helped me up with both hands. So we stood up and my hand grazed my breast. And I looked at him, and it was almost as if he was trying to gauge my reaction, and then I yelled at him "Don't touch my boob! (twice). And then for the rest of the trip he was sulking and all quiet and stuff.

And then later, we were in this really bright, mall-looking place with dark carpet and plants, and my "friends" came up to me and told me that I should go kiss him and make him feel better, and that if I did they wouldn't tell Gary for me. And my response was "I don't think so because as soon as we stop being friends, I know you are going to go straight to Gary to tell him!" And so I didn't. lol

But yea, so that was fun!

In other news:
I passed the GACE for Middle Grades Language Arts which means that I can teach in the fall if I get hired somewhere, which is absolutely fabulous!
I'm just about to finish with school. I have all of my finals behind me, and all I have left is a final paper which is due Friday. It's pretty intense and weird to think that I won't be on campus any more. But I'm ready for the next chapter!

Oh, and my Grandma is in the hospital. They discovered that she had Colon cancer which had then spread to her Liver, and the oncologist is not extremely hopeful that chemotherapy would be effective. If you could please keep us in your prayers, that would be appreciated!!

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