Saturday, April 12, 2008

feelin brave

I've been toying with the idea of getting my hair cut pretty short over the last few days. I haven't been happy with it lately, and it is clearly not working with me... so I've been thinking about ideas to make it better. I figure it's summer time, so it will be cute short... and it's also long enough before the wedding that if I didn't like it, I could grow it out and still be happy. But anyways, I was watching tv and their was a blurb about in which you could upload a picture, and try out different hair styles and stuff. So I did, and found that there were quite a few shorter hairstyles that actually seemed to work with my face, and looked good?!?

I showed mom and Gary my creation, and they seemed fairly positive. So I went and took a shower and bravely, started choppin away at myself. 30 minutes, a blow dry, and straight iron later, my hair was short and straight and I love it!! It feels soooo much better, and acts so much better as well. It's probably going to be straight more often, because I imagine that curly at this short stage would be teeny-tiny! lol.

But yes, I'm proud of my self-do, and even more proud that I didn't have to pay anything for a good haircut!! lol.

And then today after stopping at Bagel Boys (garlic bagel with veggie cream cheese... toasted... = love) on the way to work, this guy was honking at me to tell me that alas I had a flat tire. Turns out a screw had wound itself into the side of my tire, and eventually, it had taken it's toll and turned my tire flat. So, after work I figured I would take it to a gas station, put some air in it, and figure out what to do next when I got home. But as I tried to leave the parking lot, I definitely felt the lag and didn't feel entirely safe trekking the mile to the gas station.

So I got brave and ambitious, and decided that I would change my flat tire (gasp!) without anyone there to help me, besides the handy user booklet included with the car. And I was even doing really good, and had high hopes, when these Y patrons drove up next to my parked car and asked if I needed help. I succumbed, but admitted that I would probably have taken 3 hours in the 20 minutes that it took him. lol. He was funny though, and his wife and daughter watched on in humor also as he completed the task for me, the damsel. And I even noted that if he needed a bandaid for his hands (that were getting roughed up from turning the wrench against the pavement) that I had some. But he just said that his hands were simply soft from doing the dishes that morning... a task that he didn't normally have to do. lol. I decided to leave my less-than-shocked comments to myself and simply chuckled a bit.

At any rate, I made it home on my spare, and Gary and I went to get me two new back tires, and then have spent the rest of the afternoon chillin at home.

... and Laura's on a date right now!


The weather is going to be amazing for the Renaissance Festival tomorrow! Mid 50s and partly cloudy! It will be so nice!

And then on Thursday, we leave for Miami! Again, I am so excited! We're driving down and staying in a hostel (which is actually right across from the beach! in the heart of miami! and we have a private room! and it's cheaper than any other option not near the airport!) and we'll be seeing a lot of Gary's peops!

But this happens after the 8-10 page draft of my last big paper is due on Tuesday.

Again, I'm still feeling brave, and am confident that it'll get done!! Soon!!

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