Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts before bed...

I'm worried about not getting a full-time job in time for us to start looking at a house. I've applied to two counties and a few smaller schools, and nothing yet. But school is still in session, or just got out, so I'm not super panicky just yet... lol.

I'm really hoping for Cherokee County and will probably call sometime soon to see if they have all of my application and references, and all that jazz.

I watched the movie High Fidelity the other night with Gary and found it quite intriguing! First of all, I pretty much love anything with John Cusack, but this movie went further with some relationship insights that helped me with where I am now, surprisingly. Looking at things, I am so happy with Gary and couldn't ask for anything more.

We have 108 more days until our wedding day, and boocles of other things to get done before then. But it will all work out! It will all have it's reason, and I have faith that everything will turn out okay! I have a renewed sense of God that has come from our going to a church regularly and me really searching myself for what I believe. And although I will admit I was turning away from Him some, my Religious Studies and newfound relationships have really strengthened my own beliefs,and for that I am greatful!

... And I believe that is all for now!

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