Wednesday, November 22, 2017

McD's Field Trip

By the time we got to Hogansville, we had been in the car (in awful traffic) for over 2 hours. Courter was fussy for the majority of it but was full-blown crying for at least the last 30 minutes of the journey. A product of Gary's energy and my stubborn, his refusal to self-soothe and sporatic distaste of car rides makes for rather cumbersome car trips. But he's a baby, so we don't hold it against him. Penny had been fairly content up until the end, but she was starting to complain about the night sky and that her ankle was hurting. So Gary and I, both equally annoyed and anxious at this point, decided to cut our losses, get a bite to eat and then head home.

Golden Arches FTW.

When we pulled into the parking lot, I asked him out of frustration "Where was the good in this?" There is a purpose for everything, but in that moment, it had only been stress and bickering.

We were making a last minute trip to Columbus to celebrate Jeremy's birthdate. I (naively) thought that traffic wouldn't be bad and road trips were so fun, always. But by the time we got to Hogansville and saw that we still had another hour in the car, we knew it wasn't going to be a smooth sail.
It was a smart decision to turn back.

The ride home was so much smoother!
Gary and I got to talk Black Friday plans and Christmas gifts. And we both relaxed.
Gary said that the "good" that I was looking for earlier was that we got to turn around. And I added that we got to converse.

And we made it home. And the kids are in bed and sleeping.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

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