Monday, January 2, 2017

So good to see you!

I posted on my facebook page that the New Year holds a certain magic to it. You can feel it in the air. Eventhough it is essentially just the next day after the last, it is also most certainly a new beginning. There is hope and promise and magic in that. I love all that it stands for, and for that I must say that 2017, it is SO good to see you!

I wrote down 3 resolutions in my quick memo...
- Exercise more
- Be more giving
- Practice my craft
There are others, don't get me wrong. But these are the ones transcribed and thus made real by further blogging about them.
And each deserves further explanation or involved telling I'm sure, but for today, just the transcribe is enough.


I think I killed one of my orange pots yesterday. The big one. The Brunswick Stew one. The boil-all-of-the-bottles one.
I was making some collard greens, to go with the New Year's meal, and I was trying a new recipe (because I failed to write down the reallt good one years ago - must stop not doing that) and about 1.5 hours in, it became painfully apparent that the recipe did not allow for enough liquid. The greens were burning. Bummer.
I tried to not take tha as an omen for the year to come. And instead, we forged forward. We paired the slightly burnt and overly salted greens with some better-than-usual black eyed peas, pork steaks, and dryer-than-normal cornbread. Not sure what was up with that meal. It started so good and I had such high hopes. Maybe I'll try to recreate it again soonish.

It did happen though. Efforts were made and the best of intentions were had.
And for that, the New Year is off to a good start!

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