Friday, January 20, 2017

Plum Paper Review (and coupon)

Basically all I wanted for Christmas was a Plum Planner. In an attempt to get organized, that was at the top of my list, with accessories and different colored pens to embellish the planner with coming in a close second.

And here it is!

I loved using the website to customize just what I needed. Prepare to spend some time trying to choose- especially on the covers. There are so many pretty options. I think in the end, I had "built" 3 different planners.
I ended up ordering a 7x9 12 Month Planner with the Horizontal: Notes & Days format. I added dispersed notes pages, anotber section of notes, and the meal planning section.

I am an avid note taker and part of what I wanted this planner to serve as, was a sermon note journal. So now I have the availability of writing down my sermon notes in my Planner and being able to access them at any time during the week... Because ideally, this planner is never leaving my side.

And so far, it is going well. We are a few weeks in to the new year, and I am loving embellishing, coloring, doodling and note-taking!

The only negative (and it's only a negative because this thing is honkin'!) is that it's a beast. It's over an inch thick and it's heavy. I almost would've liked a disclaimer that it was going to be a big as it ended up being... but that just means that I have extra space for note taking and such. I like to take notes (can you tell?).

Anyways, I am super excited to use all of the sections and be organized and make plans for next year's planner, because I am sure I will be ordering another!

Oh, and their customer service is great!
The kind folks over at Plum Paper gave me a coupon code to pass on to my readers. Just enter the code WHISPER10 to receive 10% off your order through March 31st.

Happy planning friends! 😎

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