Saturday, November 12, 2016


Something that I tell people about myself is that I go to sleep to dream. I love them and have always been fascinated by the mind's ability to create these fantastical stories. Sometimes I will go through spurts where I will have very vivid dreams nights in a row and other times, there will be a dry spell.

You have to wonder at their purpose.
My mom gave me a really good dream-symbol book (Mary Summer Rain's Guide to Dream Symbols) years ago that has shed some insight, but still you wonder. I love being able to recall them and find wonder in how quickly they will dissappear. I can remember sitting in bed after waking from a dream and literally feeling the dream leave my mind... my mind trying desperately to cling to any detail or trace of memory that would give me some respite. But sometimes they just go and are gone forever.

But sometimes they stay.
And if I'm smart, I'll take note.
Because I love them.

Some reoccurring dreams from my past:
- Being followed by the witch-lady from the Sword and the Stone (animated) down a cobblestone street with thatch-roofed houses.
- Teeth falling out.
- Driving off of a cliff (before we traveled to Slovenia) and falling toward a field of green grass.
- A night circus-like party out in the country where everyone parked among the field and the building was falling apart and made of tin roofing pieces, old screens, and vintage signs.
- Parking decks that would change shape and levels.
- Mountain-top lodges at the top of a mountain that seemed hard to summit.
- Kissing someone backwards while traveling up an escalator in the middle of a mall with great natural light.
- Airplane travel and airports I've never been to.
- An old friend who was as illusive in person as in my dreams.


You were wearing red Chucks and before I woke up, you said "any other questions before signing off?" It was like an instant message that popped up in front of my dream.

It made me wonder if you do own a pair of red Chucks. And when it comes to unanswered questions, yes I do.

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