Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday thoughts...

Today as I was driving home from dropping my babes off at daycare, I started wondering if it was too early to consider boarding school. Penny had an absolute melt down that started in ths parking lot at home, first, because she had to buckled in to the car seat, second, because she dropped the water cup outside and daddy picked it up and took it back in with him. And so, the whole way to school was filled with "no" and little whimpers. It breaks my heart and makes me question my lack-of-patience. I suppose everyone goes through this. G swears that it is normal.
But still, there was a fleeting moment of boarding school consideration.

I think I just needed to calm down.

So I came home, made some breakfast, pumped for the baby, and headed to Starbucks. 
And bam... after some time with an iced coffee and social media, I'm feeling better.

As hard as it is during those moments, I have to remember that she is still awesome. She is absolutely adorable other times. And she is going to become an amazing woman. I need to nurture that and be there for her when she is struggling and be mindful that this life is still pretty new to her. And she is doing the best she can.
Pray that I remember that.

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