Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moxie Birds

There once was a flock of birds.  All different, but all traveling together through the skies.  They would eat, fight, laugh, and delegate (each to it's own accord) various duties, rights of passage, and randomosities that would somehow converge upon a daily advance of life and wonder.  For the Moxie Birds, life was being, and being was what they did best, as long as they were together.

In the sense that these Moxie Birds created life from these otherwise non-chalant events that just so happen to occur among a basis we have come to recognize as a day, these Moxie Birds have acheived the simplest and most direct need of a person, and that is to survive.  It is not enough to simply ask for something to happen, you must be present when it does happen and be able to respond, reflect, and react.  You must not spend your life searching for events, but live them everyday.

I have adopted the lifestyle of the Moxie and have reveled in their spirit, as they have surreptiously come into my life.  Like a random flock of birds, their presence is not known to me, and mine maybe not to them, but I felt them and have them in my mind now, and for that I am grateful.

So as one flew over the silly ole nest, my Moxie's rest all around and everywhere, waiting until the next moment to fly and live.

With love, my Moxie!

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