Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Doddling

Soooo... I find that random interjections are often the ones that spur the most memories. Where you were, what you were doing (or not doing) and what you were feeling can all be randomly captured in a moment of fleeting fancy and for those of us akin to those sort of fancies, the fleeting ones are perhaps not so fleeting at all.

I spend my days constantly observing and constantly gratifying my intellectual inspirations. Watching a person, laughing at a quirk, maintaining the accomplishment of miniscule goals, all entertain me to no end, and with that, I am constantly inspired.

The main thing that I am dealing with today is that there is a slight chance my life could change... and for that I am preparing myself. (But when you think about it, when is your life not changing? Your life is always changing and this is just a path. And you know what's even more? That there is a significant reason for every occurance in your paths every day! They may seem futile, even null, but they exist for the purpose of your encountering them, and it not for you, even their existance would be questionable.....)


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