Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Last night's dreams...

From Sunday night/Monday morning:
Hawaii. On a beach. Dusk, almost pitch dark. I was with two other girls and we were on the beach preparing to look at something. We were wearing street clothes, not bathing suits.
There was a huge swing set. Set on the water, almost like there was a peninsula jutting out into the water just for this swing set. The two other girls were swinging. I went back towards the inland so that I could get a picture. It was going to be perfect for Instagram. When I turned around to take the picture and started a burst shot, I could see that there was a storm coming and in the background were these dark blue and purple clouds with lightning strikes going, framing the swing set.

From Monday night/Tuesday morning:
I was inside a sedan, in the middle of a crowded mall parking lot. It was daylight outside, but a bit overcast. It was me and two other girls. It could have been Laura and/or Katie and/or Lindsey R from Johns Creek. We were chatting and waiting for Robert to show up. I saw his car. It was a black sporty hatchback with custom rims and heavily-tinted windows. He came around the corner of the mall and parked in the same parking lot area, but a few rows over. He got out and scanned the parking lot cautiously. He spotted our car but didn't make note of it.
Then we were all inside. He was distracted and kind of all over the place. He was looking at things and talking to a salesperson about the Hockey jersey sweatshirt that he was interested in. It looked comfortable, but huge.
Then we were in an elevator. We were previously on the third floor of the mall and were traveling down slowly to the bottom floor. I was finally able to talk to him. I turned towards him, looked him in the eye, and asked him how he was and he responded with an "I'm good".

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