Sunday, January 6, 2019

Last night's dreams...

Part 1-
It was snowing. We were staying at a ski resort. In order to get to our bungalow, we had to take a ski lift to the top. Ours was at the very top, the last in a line of bungalows and you would get to it by simply walking off of the ski lift. Once we had gotten off the lift, we walked to our bungalow which was actually a small RV. We could stand outside and look down the mountain and down the row of RVs all the way to the valley. It was getting dark.
The inside of the RV was cozy and tiny. It was brightly lit. There was a bed on one side and other useful RV things on the other.

Part 2-
There was some sort of parade-like thing going on. Maybe it was around the fourth. It was super sunny out and people were wearing sunglasses and summer clothes.
We were sitting on top of a firetruck. It was almost like it was a hayride situation (without the hay), on top of the truck. We were towards the back. And by we, I know there was at least one other person there with me, but I'm not certain who it was. There was a family sitting to the left of me and at the very back of the truck. I think the mom was next to me and her teenage son was along the very back next to a sibling. There was a bump that we went over and the teenage son fell off the truck and back under the truck. Then there was a bump like we had just run over something. We knew that he had been killed. We kept waiting for the driver to realize what had happened and it seemed like we were waiting for a long time for him to stop, but he never did.
And then I woke up. Just before I woke up though, I had a lucid thought that if the teenager fell behind the firetruck and we were going forward, he would have been fine.

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