Saturday, September 30, 2017

B&W Challenge

I love a good Instagram challenge.
A few years back (2011), I did a 365 challange where I took a picture-a-day and posted it to my blog.
This was before my time on Instagram, and somedays, was way more laborous than it should of been. But I persisted.
A lot happened that year.
My husband and I went to NoLA. My mom had a heart attack (she survived).
I flexed my creative writing muscles with stories left untold. 
And I documented a lot of random things from almost every single day of that year.
It was pretty awesome, and I love being able to go back through it all.

So, every now and then when a challenge comes up, I am delighted to take part.
And this one. One B&W picture a day for 7 days.
No people. No explanation.
I couldn't NOT do it. ;)
Here's what I posted. But I'm adding some explanation... because Blogger.

I've started drinking my coffee with cinnamon. The cinnamon doesn't dissolve, so by the time I get to the bottom, it's a huge mess of cinnamon debris littered all over my cup.
My husband said he was surprised I didn't make a Harry Potter reference here.
I told him that I am not in to Harry Potter enough to know what reference that would be.

Light streaks left by a pasing car at dawn, on the way to work.
This is what happens when I sit in traffic.

Stalagmites in the ice cube tray. How does this even happen?
I still haven't researched this phenomenon.

Hair trimmings.
I took scissors to my hair and chopped off significant portions all in the name of layers and volume.
And I'm pleased with the results.

The lighting set-up at my church.
It's basically like attending a worship concert every Sunday.

A lone scooter-er at our local skate park.

Cornbread (left) and Pickles (right). Our fur-baby sibling kitties.

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