Monday, September 18, 2017

A weekend in Greenville, SC

For our 9th Anniversary weekend, Gary and I headed north to Greenville, SC. At just over 2 hours from Kennesaw, it made for an easy weekend trip get-away! And with the kids at the Grandparents, it meant a weekend of relaxing was in store!

Check out some of my pictures from the weekend!
Greenville was absolutely amazing, and I am already looking forward to going back!

Hubs and I. <3 td="">

Our bedroom in the AirBnb we rented. It was in an updated Victorian a mile from downtown.
Super nice hosts and an amazing atmosphere!
Plus, the TV had Netflix and Hulu, so we were able to stay up late binge-watching Younger. :)

An amazingly-detailed gate made out of welded-together bolts and things. A cool little piece.

View of Falls Park, from just above the falls, looking out to Liberty Bridge.

Mandatory selfie in the Peace Center Wyche Pavilion. So glad we walked down to the park and found this spot!

Fried Green Tomatoes from Tupelo Honey Cafe, Good restaurant in a neat area!

Jelly and butter bar at Biscuit Head. Again, a neat little spot. Good coffee and food!

Gary squeezing through the Devil's Kitchen Trail at Caesar's Head State Park.

The overlook at Caesar's Head State Park. See me in the distance?

This was an amazing find! It's Bald Rock, and it is easily accessable on the way back from Caesar's Head. It has been covered with graffiti, but I think that it makes it super interesting and beautiful. Worth the stop!

Another view of some of the art on Bald Rock.

The bottom (and most impressive) falls at Wildcat Branch Falls. A good, easy hike to the other two.
Candle remnants at the chimney site at Wildcat Branch Falls.
It felt like the perfect spot for seances. I assume that is what the candles are from. ;)

A flea market on the way back to Greenville from Caesar's Head. Full of the usual junk and lots of interesting things.
The owner had just captured a brown recluse spider in an old pill bottle and was showing it off to us. Eeep.

Saturday Lunch Part 1 - Boiled Peanuts

Saturday Lunch Part 2 - "Monkey Meets the Moose" ice cream sundae from Pink Mama's in Travelers Rest. So amazing!

Gary's new panda shirt from one of the artists at the Makers Co. I spotted this storefront across the way from Pink Mama's and had to stop in and see if it was the same Makers Co that was putting on the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville. Turns out that the ones putting on the Indie Craft Parade is the Makers Collective. The Makers Co was a shop full of different art pieces from artists from the region. Gary's shirt features a panda face that was hand-stamped from a hand-crafted rubber stamp from the "Growing Up Happy" brand. He small-talked, so it was only appropriate to support the local artist!

Photobooth print from the Indie Craft Parade! It was awesome!
My goodies from the Indie Craft Parade! :)

Everyone was walking around holding these felt flower stems in tiny bouquets from Leaph Boutique.
When we finally came upon the booth, I had to make a tiny bouquet also. This came to $11 and was money well spent.
It makes me so happy! I just need to find the perfect little vase for it.

Most of our bread and cheese board from The Anchorage.
I was most impressed by this restaurant. Everything about our experience was amazing!

Beets and sweet potatoes (left), and korean-bbq octopus (right).

A nice couple offered to take our picture outside of The Anchorage. :)

Sunday morning. Falls Park - looking out at the Falls from Liberty Bridge. I was super impressed by this park!

<3 td="">

Liberty Bridge, the falls, and us. <3 td="">

I had fun with my fish-eye lens this weekend!

Another with the fish-eye lens.

Oh, and there was a hammock on the front porch of our AirBnb. We couldn't leave town without hanging out in it for a minute!

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