Friday, August 20, 2010

In a kitsch kind of mood...

Mu husband and I's 2nd Anniversary is coming up in September.
Not exactly a milestone, but worthy of celebration nonetheless.

We had originally thought about doing a "Spontaneous Dining Experience", which is one of our favorite things to do, and leads to a nicely unexpected series of events and circumstances.  And with a bit of a budget, the rules you create can limit or open up the possiblities immensely!  I was looking forward to this!  It would be a night out, for just us, and we couldn't even begin to plan it... just the way I like it, quite frankly!

But then we had this thought.  We were driving home after work (we are experimenting with carpooling by the way), and Gary had the thought of needing to find somewhere cheap to go for a weekend.  Somewhere close, somewhere cheap, but a weekend trip that would be fun.
I chimed in and said that we could do it on our Anniversary weekend and actually have a slightly larger celebration than originally 'planned'.

So then all of the ideas start flowing...
South Georgia
The Carolinas

And then to take it a bit further, the theme weekend idea emerges...
I had stumbled across this article or blog where a young couple takes these themed weekend trips.  They could start off in the hopes of hitting some of Abraham Lincoln's homesteads and see where it leads.

Well, well, I thought.  That's an idea.
So we may be starting simple, but it's a start.
We are thinking about taking a kitsch themed weekend journey.
I would LOVE to stay in a kitschy hotel with the heart shaped bed and champagne glass jacuzzi, and we could visit the World's Largest Lunchbox Museum, which happens to be located in Columbus, GA.  And maybe we could even swing by and see the Largest Peanut Statue.

And this would happen to be while I was wearing my cat-eye glasses, and Gary a sweater vest.
We would be so cute and kitsch, I could hardly stand it.

But that's the goal!

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