Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today is Wednesday, June 10th. It is currently 9:05 in the morning, and I am at home contemplating cleaning, researching cruises, and catching up on my virtual world of consequential reminders, updates, and whats-going-ons. I am not at work as I was not needed today. I am not at the grocery store, but shall be soon enough, and I am not in Maine, where my sister and madre are currently at the moment.

I am home, and when my husband is home, we are at home together.

I have really enjoyed our alone time recently. Being that the rest of the family is in Maine, we have had ample time to just "be" around the house, and be ourselves. No schedules, no tension, and nothing to do except be with each other. I love it! Not that I don't like being with the rest of my family, but being able to spend some quality time with Gary is just what we needed.

We are getting closer and closer to taking the steps to get our own place. Although our jobs don't exactly seem to be the most stable right now (more about this to come...), I feel like we shouldn't procrastinate getting our hands into a house, especially with all of the incentives for first-time home buyers. I would love to stay in the area, and would like to find a house basically as cheap as possible, to keep our payments down, but also being able to possibly spend any other funds on the house. I've done some research and there are some viable options in the area, which is great. Right now, we are working on getting pre-qualified, and looking at our credit scores and budget to see exactly what we can do.

We all could use the extra space as our house is currently busting at the seems with all of our accumulated goods from the 4 of us living here... so getting a house is not only the next step in our relationship, but it would spread the wealth a little more evenly and allow us all some breathing room. And it would also allow us to have them over to "our house" for dinner. So cute!

With all of that comes the job situation. Gary and I are both experiencing reduced hours/reduced work load. For us, the need just isn't there for all of gift production to be there every day for a full work day. I don't think I have worked a full work day since I started there almost 9 months ago. And don't get me wrong, while I really really like days off and the 4 day work week schedule, the fact that the paychecks are puney don't make it enjoyable. I have been thinking about trying to find something else, but jobs are still very scarce. And on top of that, should I really leave if things might change, and even if there is a chance to move up within the company in the future? Don't know! I pray that Gary finds stability in his job. Mortgage rates are going up and loans are in locks, and the stress from trying to close loans has got to be high.

I am so thankful for him, and his ability to leave work and come be with me. Despite me worries, he gives me his all and makes me feel amazing, and that's so important to me and our stability! We know how to talk to each other and be there for each other, and we will prosper!

Which is why I know that everything will work out! God has a plan for us, and has got our back... in a manner of speaking. Faith has been my savior!

One of the ladies at work used to be a truck driver for 16 years when she was younger. Hearing some of her stories, and how much she loved it, I can't help but think how much fun it would be to go drive a truck, with Gary as my partner, all over the US. Not only could we travel, but we would earn money (I think?), get to be with each other, and make memories...

I'm all about making memories...

Or we could even work on a cruise ship and go that route...

Anywho, I'm blabbering.

I'm going to go try to get productive.

All of the best until next time!

P.S. The picture was taken in Adairsville, GA. The lomo setting on my phone gives it is vibrancy and vignetting! :)

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