Sunday, March 4, 2018

Consignment Sale

This weekend I participated in my first Consignment Sale.
Luckily for the sale, I've been hoarding baby clothes and items for 4 years. Ha!
It's been weeks getting prepared for it, and I took off a day just to prep for it.
You have to wash and hang the clothes. Pin them to wire hangers.
Tag all of the items.
And then drop them off at the Sale site.

This was the back view of all of the things I was taking to the sale.
Over 120 pieces (and all of the clothes were multiple outfits).

I had high hopes!
The show started Wednesday evening and went through Saturday, and I sold 114 items!
It was really exciting - in a "mom" sort of way. Lol.
I really enjoyed the whole process, even though it was tedious, and kinda feel like there may be a calling there.
Who knows?
But seriously, so fun, and so rewarding to see a great payoff from all of my hard work!

After I dropped off all of the items for the Sale, I had time to come home and make this lovely baked pasta dinner (from scratch) for the fam. 
Color me domesticated!

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