Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year, New Post

We are 6 days into 2018 and things are going!
I started off the New Year in a bit of a funk. I was getting overwhelmed by things - well I had been accumulating overwhelmed feelings for awhile, but it all sort of hit hard over the holidays. 
By the time Jan 1st came around, I was determined to make a change and get out of my funk.

I needed to be a better person for my family.

I needed to fully invest myself in my work.

I needed to be there for my extended family.

And I needed to hear what God wanted me to do with everything.

We haven't been to church in over a month. We'd been there tonserve on Christmas Eve, and two weeks before that, but we hadn't stayed for service because that would have meant more time for the babes in nursery, and some days we don't feel like pushing them.
I think this has been part of my funk.
I am missing the extra immersion in the Word, and I am so looking forward to getting back in to it tomorrow.

In terms of resolutions for the New Year...
I wrote a few things in my notepad.
I have every intention of making them happen.

As always, the thrill of the New Year and the hope it brings is awesome. It's easy to get caught up in the what-ifs, but important to stay grounded in each day.

Master each day!

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