Monday, December 11, 2017

December's Snow

By Thursday, the meteorologists were predicting a light dusting and some were even braizen enough to say that we see a few inches accumulation.
Gary and I were already planning on taking off Friday, so we didn't have to worry about work, but we were secretly hoping the kids' school was going to still be open so that we could have a day off to ourselves!

On Friday morning, everything looked normal. And school was in session! So we dropped the babes off and then went out on our day.

By 10, it was starting to rain/snow.
By 12, it was getting dicey. And I was getting anxious.
By 2, we were heading to pick up the kids early. We didn't want to get caught in the craziness and I wanted us all to be home and safe!

Around 2 PM-ish.

So, the weather reports were obviously wrong.

It was a beautiful winter wonderland!
And our Saturday morning church volunteer plans were canceled due to ice.
So we found ourselves with some time to just be a family.
And for me, that allowed me the chance to deep-clean the kitchen. #adulting

Friday Afternoon - FishEye lens
Saturday morning - 5:30AM-ish

We did get out though - we don't do "snowed-in" well - and found the roads were very passable.
And we even trekked out to Johns Creek for my dad's church's annual Christmas musical.

Sunday, church was canceled due to the ice again.
And again, we found ourselves itching to get out into the world.
So we went to Mickey Donald's to let the kids play, and then to the grocery store.

It was a long weekend, but a good one.
I love the beauty of the snow!

In other news, Courter started WALKING!
At 17.5 months, this has been a long time coming. We are so proud of him!
And he knows it!
On Saturday, all of the sudden, he just sauntered from the tv to the recliner and just kept going. So we spent a lot of our snowed-in time practicing walking back and forth between me and daddy while Penny watched the movie of the moment (Santa Paws). She describes it as "the teacher took the crystal away from the doggie". Ha! And this morning she was talking about Quinn (a little girl from the movie).
I must admit, the first time we watched it, it was cute. I even teared up.
By yesterday, we were ready to forget it and remove it from Netflix. Lol.

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