Sunday, March 20, 2016


Sometimes I feel so unworthy...
Our LifeGroup is filled by 3 great couples, and each of them seems to be more in touch with their faith and the bible in general, than we are.
I told Gary on the way home that LifeGroup has been such a sobering experience for me. It really makes me think about things and often I end up in tears.
I want to grow spiritually and nourish these friendships, but I need to get over the fact that they may be in a different place than me and instead focus of my personal walk.
I know that faith is a journey and that I need to give it all to God, but how do you do that?
I guess that's the point... you have to have faith.
Today is the first day of Spring, Palm Sunday, and International Day of Happiness.
I'm tired, but I've been super tired this week in general.
Baby boy is measuring 2 weeks early, which is intriguing. I'm excited for our scan this Friday, to see how he's doing in there. He's really been moving. He gave me a few really good jabs today.

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