Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Is it really only Wednesday? Today needs a shot of espresso and a magic wand, oh, and a chill pill.
I'm twenty weeks prego this week and the hormones are acting up in full force.
Tifts with the hubby, shortened patience string, and general don't-mess-it attitude,
all week so far, but especially this morning.

Too many projects up in the air at work.
Too many 'I can't handle watching you try to figure this out moments.
Too many decisions that require more than one person... which is never easy.
And then there's the feeling that everything is going to collide, all at once.

Yes, today needs to chill.

But then, the sun came out after all of that rain, and it led to a nice breath of air
and a glance at the bigger picture.
Today is just another day.
It is just another test in patience.
And a rememberance to practice the traits of Timothy and Epaphroditus (Phil 2:19...)
Compassion, Faithfulness, Dependable, Servitude, Availability, Trusthworthiness
Point blank... your character matters.
And how you react to situations can call you to amazing things, or lead you to failure.

Overall and everyday,
my desire is to be refined by YOU!

Monday. 20 weeks pregnant. Baby boy is a-coming! :)

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