Friday, July 12, 2013

Got free time.

Will coffeeshop-it-up.


Two seats down from me, there is an older gentleman reading a book that has to weigh 15 pounds.  He has his crisp cream colored fedora resting up-side-down on the table, next to his iPad (cloaked in leather), his car keys, and his phone.  All holding their respective places on the table amongst the ranks of his grande latte (or maybe its a black coffee?).  His pressed pants and shirt, along with the shiny loafers gives me the impression that he is a person of great importance, and I would take him to be rather serious.  But the fedora is throwing me for a loop.  It's so Cuba, so Miami, so fresh for the hipsters of today.  It's refreshing to see it sitting there, especially the way its placed on the table.  It's speaks of respect, and quality.

Said man with his fedora.
It's different from the Adidas baseball cap in my sight line a few seats away, or the cowboy hat at the counter...

Intrigue.  That is it.

It's the ability to capture attention and cause wonder.  I think that is the essence of people in general.  That's why I love the coffee shop experience.  It's not enough to simply exist within the same space as someone... but to be able to wonder about them alludes to a different connection.  The fact that every person has a story, has a beginning, has a series of events that brought them to a space is one of my greatest wonders of all.  And it blows my mind on a daily basis.  It is amazing that every single person {on this planet} has a life.  Every single person has a story to tell. 

I want to hear every story.
They are all so interesting...

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