Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playing in the Dirt

Today, on an impulse, I decided it was time to get the garden going again.  We were at Wally World and I saw a man pushing a big tomato plant around in his buggy, one thing lead to another, and I basically high-tailed it to the garden section and picked out some goodies.  :)  I chose:
- Lemon Boy (tomato)
- Patio Tomato
- Sweet Basil
- Apple Mint
- Cilantro
- 3 flowery/decorative varieties
And when we got home, I went to work.  I hadn't done much with the garden since the end of last year's season, so I had a bit of cleaning up to do.  It felt great to be outside playing in the dirt again!  The weather was perfect, and I was glad to take some extra time tooling around.  I moved some stuff around, tilled the soil up a bit, and got to planting.  And an hour later, it's all good!  I've decided I have room for at least 3 more veggies/tomatoes, and 2 more herbs.  And those should be joining the party in a week or so.  But for now, the high hopes of the luscious garden will keep me happy!

From left to right:
small curly hair plant,
patio tomato,
flowery things
From left to right:
empty, empty,
sweet basil,
apple mint, cilantro

Sweet Basil - I love this smell!

(happy flower!)

Rosemary - my trooper from last year!  :)  Still growing strong!

From left to right:
empty, empty, (what's left of the asparagus plant) and the lemon boy tomato.

Tootles everyone!  :)

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