Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!
I hope you had a safe and awesome New Years Eve!
Cheers to bringing in a new year that promises to be a very exciting one!
We were good and lazy today.
Went to the grocery store, watched 'The Help', and a few shows on tv.
Cooked a 'lucky' meal which consisted of:
Hand-done collard greens
Black eyed peas
Ham and bean soup
Southern cornbread.
It was all great, but my favorites were the cornbread and the collard greens!
There is no cornbread better than my madre's cornbread,  hands down.
It's got a crispy outside, moist inside, and is soaked in butter!  Yumm!  :)
And the collard greens were a pleasant surprise.
I like greens, I'm not gonna lie, but finding good "greens", even at a restaurant, is hit or miss.
So I was a bit skeptical about making them at home...
But we found a bag of pre-washed bags at Publix for a buck, and we used the recipe on the bag.
SO good!  I want to make them again!  lol.
And then we sat down to watch another movie, and I crashed!
Not a bad way to start off the year.  lol.
And what's even better is that we get to do it all again tomorrow.
Or at least have more fun adventures/ activities.
So here' to 2012!
I hope you have lazy days - they are good for the soul!
Search for adventure, seek out joy, and above all, live!
Happy New Year!


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